Educational Consulting

Every individual requires a specific developmental plan in order to live to their maximum potential. Pittington Counseling provides services directed towards the enhancement of: academics, goal setting, organizational skills, and techniques to establish consistent motivation in young peoples lives. We conveniently offer an individualized tutoring and mentoring program which is constructed by an Educational Consultant. It is our main goal at Pittington Counseling to assist adolescents and young adults in reaching full potential in all facets of life.

The mentoring aspect is key in establishing a sense of direction, and facilitates a support system in which the client can have the opportunity to blossom to their maximum potential. Transitioning into adulthood can be a difficult process, but any young person who possesses the right tools can develop into a happy, successful adult.

Academic success is a crucial component for securing a stable future as an independent adult. We offer services directly focused on promoting good study habits, academic advisement and tutoring for any subject at any age, including adults.