Jasmine Smith

“You provide the map and I’ll bring the compass.”
Life is indeed a journey. There will be tough moments. But there will also be rewarding ones. Everyone has experienced traumatic and stressful events along the way. Those unexpected bumps in the road can make it seem impossible to navigate through life’s many hardships. However, Jasmine Smith believes that by restoring hope and empowerment, you can arrive at the ultimate destination: Self-Actualization. Jasmine strives to create a non-judgmental, client-focused safe haven for all embedded on the premises of empathy and compassion. Understanding that each person is unique, Jasmine has embraced a flexible counseling style to fit the desires and goals of each individual while implementing evidence-based interventions, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Person-Centered Therapy and Play Therapy techniques. Her areas of expertise include individual/families, trauma, grief, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, ADHD and dual diagnosis.
Jasmine Smith holds a Master’s degree in mental health counseling from Capella University. Her passion is helping children and adolescents. She also has years of experience providing therapeutic services for diverse populations in hospital, residential, inpatient, outpatient and school settings throughout the communities of Jacksonville and Orlando, Florida.
Her compassion isn’t limited to traditional settings. Jasmine has been a guest motivational speaker at the Police Athletic League (P.A.L) for the Jacksonville Sherriff’s Office, speaking on social issues and mental health awareness. She has also conducted workshops focusing on self-esteem, creative writing and college preparedness with College R-E-D LLC, an organization also designed to prepare adolescents for higher learning through a holistic prospective.