Ana Vaughn

anaAna Vaughn is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern (RMHCI) in the State of Florida. Ana focuses on individual, family, child and adolescent therapy and is a Certified Autism Specialist (CAS), Advanced Certified Autism Specialist (AAS), and completed certified training in applied behavior analysis. She holds a master degree in science in mental health counseling from Nova Southeastern University, a bachelor in social psychology from University of Massachusetts. She specializes in individuals with Autism and developmental delays. Prior to being a therapist her career focus was in art education and providing community services.

Ana has been working with children for 14 years volunteering in public schools teaching art, and running community events. She served on the diversity committee in Amherst Massachusetts and educated children and families about diversity and multiculturalism. She also received specialized training in psychodrama, voice and music therapy and dance movement therapy.

Currently in her therapeutic practice, Ana runs groups and provides individual therapy for children, adolescents and adults with autism, ADHD, depression and anxiety and bipolar disorder. Her group focuses on communication skills, social skills and relational skills.

Ana’s interest and learning of various spiritual practices, multicultural and socially diverse groups has led her to incorporate mindfulness, spirituality, creativity and client centered therapy into her work. Ana has practiced meditation for 25 years and has studied various forms of art most of her life and believes in authenticity and creative self expression